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Terzi Service S.r.l.

Our company was founded in 1955 in Zandobbio, in the Bergamo area, a little town renowned for quarrying that compact crystalline dolomite that goes by the more common name of Dolomia di Zandobbio (Dolomite of Zandobbio) or Marmo bianco di Zandobbio (White marble of Zandobbio). Our workshops are located in a quarrying and processing district that is known and appreciated all over the world for its marble and natural stone production.

This is where you can find our workshop, where our passion for any type of natural stone and marble originated and we developed our proven expertise year after year. We started as a little local company and during the years, with experience and commitment, we managed to cover the whole industry thanks to a vertical control of each of the steps that constitute the production process. All the way from the direct purchase of slabs and materials we carefully produce every single piece in order to be able to offer an all-round design service that includes the supply and the installation on-site.

Today Terzi Service is a leader in the marble and natural stone industry thanks to our state of the art technology with the most advanced machines and our highly skilled and trained craftsmen. We make any project on-measure and now we are able to offer our services online too, thanks to our e-commerce platform From the most classical products (flooring, covering, windowsills, stairs) all the way to the all-round customised design and realisation of private homes, articulated buildings and luxury hotels, where every detail counts. 

A very modern workshop for the production of marble, granite and natural stone on-measure products.

values and mission

Terzi is craftsmanship and experience. It's in the production workshop, where the stone is carved and finished, where there must be the perfect organisation, a creative mix of the craftsmen's experienced hands and their love for the details while using the most modern machinery and techniques.Patience, precision and the most advanced production methods that constantly push over the limits of the stone processing.

The constant research of the best result at the lowest production price is what drives us in every single project. Terzi is process innovation. Technological innovation, digital strategies and a constant enhancement are the core elements in the growth of our company. Terzi is product innovation. Natural stone shouldn’t be longer seen as a material that is supposed to be only used in very special projects or too specific niches of the architectural production.

We want to give more value to a highly decorative natural element with astonishing characteristics both mechanical and aesthetic and we want to do so through an on-going process of research and development of new production techniques and uses, especially in furniture design. 

services offered

surveying and design
slab and material sale
furniture and construction product sale
on-site supply and installation


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