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origins of terrazzo italiano

The distinctive style of these very interesting materials comes all the way from the great architectural marvels of the Ancient Greeks. Terrazzo gained a huge notoriety in Italy with the Romans using it extensively in their most notorious projects. it’s during the Venetian period hat it became the renowned material we love thanks to the so-called pavimenti alla veneziana (Venetian-style floors), also known as “terrazzi o seminati in graniglia di marmo”, so typical of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces built in Venice during the Sixteenth Century. Symbol of the purest class, Terrazzo Italiano is still today the meeting point between design and architecture, not only because of its always unique and very personal shapes, but above all because of its incredible technical features such as its adaptability to every ambient and its proven durability. All its physical and aesthetic characteristics turn Terrazzo into the ideal choice for every architect who wants to stand out from the crowd.


materials and collections

All the products in Terrazzo Italiano can be divided into two categories depending on their production process and their use. Marble-resin is a special marble agglomerate obtained by the careful mixing of first choice marble granules and special high performance resins. It’s ideal for covering and flooring, perfect for kitchen tops and furniture in general. Marble-cement, instead, is produced by carefully mixing the best marble chips with technical concrete. We recommend its use in all those large-scale projects that require higher levels of solidity and structural performance. 


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