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Marble-resin is a special marble agglomerate obtained by the careful mixing of first choice marble granules, hand-picked according to their colour and their dimensions, and special high performance resins.
The durability of polyester resin and its infinite chromatic palette make the timeless elegance of marble even more unique and ideal for every project. 



Marble-cement is obtained by mixing marble chipping selected according to their colour and their dimensions, and concrete fillers.
Thanks to its proven durability, marble-cement is particularly recommended for all those large-scale projects that require higher levels of solidity and structural performance. 


what we offer

Terrazzo Italiano offers a wide range of materials in cement and resin conglomerates, otherwise known as "Architectural Terrazzo". We have a unique selection of products ready for delivery: only with us you can find such a large and diverse collection in terms of colors, structures and availability. On request we also give the possibility to create custom cuts and finished products such as floors, coverings, tops for kitchens and bathrooms, or furnishing elements such as tables, bedside tables, seats and much more.

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