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installation guide

All the material on Terrazzo Italiano require a few useful precautions that have to be considered before the actual installation.  All the surfaces where Terrazzo will be installed have to be extensively clean, dry and not tainted by dust, grease, wax or paint. If the difference in temperature between the installation site and the stockroom is too high, we strongly recommend to move all the Terrazzo products to the operation area at least one day prior the installation in order to minimise the thermal excursion caused by the environment and avoid any thermal shock (and fracturing) in the material.
Our experts recommend the use of S2 grade tile adhesive during the laying process, especially in case of large format materials.

cleaning and maintenance

All the materials offered by Terrazzo Italiano undergo a water-oil repellent coating.
To make sure that the coating lasts as long as possible we advise against the use of alcohol and diluent while cleaning because they would irremediably remove the coating itself.In order to keep Terrazzo clean, all the specific marble cleaning products on the market can be used or, alternatively, neutral detergents like Marseille soap.
Acid detergents should never be used because they would damage the surface irreparably.

History teaches us that Terrazzo can last for centuries; the secret to preserve its shiny appearance is to use cleaning products made of natural waxes and a very soft cloth dipped in neutral soap or hydrosoluble solvents, the same that are used for everyday maintenance. 

technical properties

During the centuries Terrazzo benefited from a constant evolution of the production process.
Nowadays it became a technical material, improved in its durability, more compact and homogeneous in its inner physical structure. Technology evolved and the most recent state of the art production phases allowed the producers to develop an innovative product that is mechanically perfect and not only beautiful.

The new slab-style cutting technique makes it easy for architects and builders to explore new ways to use and apply Terrazzo in every furniture and interior design project where beauty and durability are the key to success. 

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